Guidelines for Venue Rental Only

In order to ensure that you are properly informed and your events is as successful and stress free as possible the following guidelines have been formulated.

  1. An onsite representative is needed to check items delivered from various suppliers. He  or she should direct the flow of the events including set-up and breakdown. He or she also needs to be accessible by mobile telephone.
  2.  When hiring waiters they should have a valid food handler’s permit, dress appropriately in professional clothing meeting the Public Health Standards, be proficient in food service and customer service.
  3. Caterers’  must have necessary licenses to ensure that your guests will consume a safe meal.
  4. Food should be maintained at the required temperatures. Therefore. cold food should be kept cold and hot food should be kept hot. Caterers’ will need to provide the necessary equipment such as igloos and chafing pan set to ensure that temperatures arc properly controlled as there is no cold/hot storage on site.
  5. There are some key items that you need to remember:
    • Ice: where will it be purchased and stored?
    • Linen: we suggest floor length tablecloths for all tables. The Mona Visitors’ Lodge & Conference Centre (The Lodge”), has eight seater round and eight foot trestle tables. You may feel free to do measurements where necessary to ensure the correct size linen is used.
    • Tableware (Cutlery. Crockery & Glassware): where will they be rented from? Tableware should be delivered clan and ready to use and collected immediately after used. Items may be scraped but not washed & sanitized.
  6. Our facility is maintained in a specific manner and if features such as drapes and mouldings arc affected by removal or stapling the appearance of the facility will be changed. Therefore,  customers/suppliers skill not injure, cut or damage any of the walls,  floors, ceilings or things of or in the Lodge. Customers/Suppliers are prohibited from affixing or exhibiting decorations on the walls through the use of thumb tacks,  glue, tape or any other adhesive material.
  7. Tools, equipment and staffing should be provided to set up and breakdown  events.
  8.  All items brought to our facility must be removed at the end of each event.